WATTA Keats Mango" from Orion Beer

Orion Beer will sell WATTA Keats Mango, which is made from Okinawan Keats mangoes that were produced during the production process and scheduled for disposal. The release date is August 23. It has an alcohol content of 3% and is open to the public. Limited quantities are available.

WATTA Keats Mango

WATTA Keats Mango" is made from Keats mangoes from Okinawa Prefecture that are scheduled to be disposed of during the production process, in order to contribute to the reduction of food loss. Keats mangoes produced in Tomigusuku City, which celebrates its 20th anniversary as a city this year, are used. Orion Beer concluded a comprehensive cooperation agreement with JA Okinawa last October regarding the preferential use of agricultural and livestock products, and "WATTA Keats Mango" uses Keats mangoes produced by JA Okinawa.

Keats mangoes are rare mangoes with a very sweet taste, with a sugar content of approximately 15-20% higher than that of ordinary mangoes, and are characterized by their green skin and large fruit. This tropical flavor has a well-balanced richness while taking advantage of its intense sweetness.

WATTA Keats Mango" was well received when it was released last year. Why not pick one up when you see it?