Cafe COMSA "Shimane Grapes 'Shine Muscat' Cake".

Cafe COMSA will sell "Shimane Grapes 'Shine Muscat' Cake" and "Shimane Grapes 'Shine Muscat' Parfait" from August 6 to the end of August. The period of availability may be subject to change depending on the availability of fruits.

Shimane Prefecture grape "Shine Muscat" cake

This cake has a mascarpone base and is decorated with an abundance of Shimane-grown Shine Muscat grapes. You can enjoy the sweet and refreshing Shine Muscat grapes that have been carefully grown one by one.

Cafe COMSA "Shimane Grapes 'Shine Muscat' Cake".

The price is 1,800 yen per piece (tax included). Available at the Ginza store, Ikebukuro Tobu store, Chiba Sogo store, Shisui Premium Outlets store, Utsunomiya FKD Interpark store, Hoshigaoka Mitsukoshi store, and Kokura Izutsuya store. The Ginza store has a different price.

Shimane-grown "Cheinmuscat" parfait

A parfait using an abundance of Shimane Prefecture-grown Shine Muscat grapes combined with vanilla ice cream. The price is 2,600 yen (tax included). Available at the Ikebukuro Seibu store and Abeno Kintetsu store. The Abeno Kintetsu store has a different price and design.

Cafe COMSA "Shimane Grapes 'Shine Muscat' Parfait".

Shimane Grapes "Shine Muscat

Most of the Shine Muscat grapes grown in Shimane Prefecture are carefully cultivated in greenhouses, taking advantage of the well-drained sandy soil. Registered as a variety in 2003, the Shine Muscat was developed by the Fruit Tree Research Institute of the National Agricultural Research Organization after more than 10 years of research. During that time, several growers in Shimane Prefecture began cultivating it on a trial basis, and it is now being grown as the main product of Shimane Grapes.

The grapes are characterized by large, beautiful, refreshing aroma, crisp texture, and strong sweetness. With a sugar content of over 18 degrees Celsius and almost no acidity, the sweetness can be felt well.