Goldfish Nebuta Jelly" limited to Japan Department Store

The Japan Department Store, a select store of food and sundries, will sell "Goldfish Nebuta Jelly," featuring the goldfish Nebuta.

Goldfish Nebuta Jelly

The "Kingyo Nebuta Jelly" is based on the motif of the goldfish Nebuta, which are displayed throughout the city during the Aomori Nebuta Festival, and has a very cute, round silhouette and colorful goldfish wrappers. The goldfish is a bite-sized jelly filled with the juices of apples, blackcurrants, and grapefruits, mainly from Aomori Prefecture. Its juicy and refreshing summery taste makes it a perfect snack on a hot day.

This original product was developed together with Kamiboshi Takeuchi Seisho, a long-established candy maker in Aomori Prefecture that has been making Tsugaru candy, a Tsugaru specialty, for more than 160 years, and each piece is carefully made by hand.

The product is available in a package of 3 pieces, inspired by the image of goldfish scooping at a summer festival, or in a box of 8 pieces. They are recommended as small gifts or summer souvenirs. The "Goldfish Nebuta Jelly" (3 pieces), inspired by the image of goldfish scooping at summer festivals, is 740 yen. Both prices include tax.