KAMEYA MANNENDAI "Shine Muscat Daifuku

Kameya Mannendo will introduce "Shine Muscat Daifuku", a Japanese confectionery using seasonal Yamanashi Shine Muscat grapes, which will be sold in limited quantities at direct sales stores from August 18 to September 30. It will not be available at the official online store. The price is 324 yen per piece (tax included).

Kameya Mannendo Shinnemuscat Daifuku

KAMEYA MANNENDAI "Shine Muscat Daifuku

Large-sized Shine Muscat grapes from Yamanashi Prefecture are carefully selected and wrapped whole in soft rice cake dough with sweet white bean paste to enhance the aroma and sweetness of the Shine Muscat grapes. It is said that this is the only time of the year when this flavor is available.

Shine Muscat has high sugar content and low acidity. The flesh, which has a firm texture, is full of juice, and when eaten, the juice flows out of the fruit. The fruit has no seeds and the skin is thin, so it can be eaten as is.

The Shine Muscat Daifuku has 179 calories per piece, and since it is usually sold out every day, advance reservations are accepted at direct sales stores. You can make a reservation for as little as one piece at your nearest store.