Ootoya "Chicken Katsu Curry Set Meal

Ootoya will introduce a reissued menu item, the "Chicken Katsu Curry Set Meal," which will be available from August 8, 2012. The set meal is priced at 860 yen (tax included, same below), and the individual item is 760 yen. The chicken katsu can be doubled for an additional 200 yen. A coupon for a 200 yen discount will be distributed via the official application.

OOTOYA Chicken Katsu Curry Set Meal

Ootoya "Chicken Katsu Curry Set Meal

To commemorate the 65th anniversary of Otoya's founding on January 8, 2022, the restaurant will offer a variety of specials on the 8th of each month, as well as a "Otoya Gohon no Hi" (Otoya Rice Day), where popular menu items from the past will be reissued every month.

The Chicken Katsu Curry Set Meal is one such dish. The chicken katsu, with its crispy batter, is topped with a sweet and rich curry with chutney, coriander, cumin, cardamom, and other spices. The dish is said to have a nostalgic flavor with lettuce and penne, and is a hearty dish that is unique to Otoya.

Since a large number of the dish is expected to be sold on the day of the sale, it may be sold out at some stores or at certain times of the day.