Burger King "Green Chili BBQ Smoky Whopper"

The fourth in Burger King's "Smoky Whopper" series, the "Green Chile BBQ Smoky Whopper" will be newly released using authentic W-sauce, consisting of the sharp and spicy "Green Chile Sauce" and "Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce" from America, the home of BBQ. The release date is August 5.

Green Chile BBQ Smoky Whopper

The "Green Chili BBQ Smoky Whopper" is the fourth in the "Smoky Whopper" series, which combines Burger King's signature 100% beef patty grilled over an open flame with a smoky sauce, and is the hottest in the series' history. The 100% beef patty, grilled over an open flame, is served with "Green Chili Sauce," an extremely hot sauce with a unique jalapeño-based aroma and sharp spiciness, and "Bull's Eye BBQ Sauce," a rich, astringent, smoky deliciousness. In addition, the burger is layered with an abundance of fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle vegetables and a slice of cheddar cheese, and sandwiched in a toasted sesame bun for a deliciously spicy and addictive burger. Also available is the affordable Green Chili BBQ Smoky Whopper Jr.

In this campaign, customers who order either a single item or a set of the "Green Chili BBQ Smoky Wapper" using the "Pickup Order" function on the official Burger King app, which allows customers to order with their smartphones without waiting in line at the cash register, will receive two stamps instead of the usual one. If you accumulate 5 stamps, you will receive a coupon for a free side dish or dessert that can be used for "Pick-up Order".

Prices are as follows.

Green Chile BBQ Smokey Whopper
790 yen for a single item, 1,090 yen for a set

Green Chili BBQ Smoky Whopper Jr.
490 yen for single item, 790 yen for set

Set includes French fries (M) and drink (M).