Aohata Spoon Free "Strawberry", "Orange", "Blueberry".

Aohata is launching a new series of fruit spreads in bottled containers called Aohata Spoon Free. The three flavors are "Strawberry," "Orange," and "Blueberry," and will ship nationwide on August 18.

Aohata Spoon Free Strawberry, Orange, and Blueberry

Spoon Free is a fruit spread in a bottle that can be spread on bread without using a spoon. It has a hinged cap that can be used quickly and easily with one hand. The bottle container is "lightweight," the lid is easy to open and close, sanitary, and quick to use.

In addition, the size of the pulp has been adjusted so that the sweetness is kept to a minimum and the texture and presence of the fruit remains. Because of its quick-use container form, the product can be used not only for bread, but also for a wide range of other applications such as yogurt, drinks, ice cream, and table bread.

The contents and prices of each flavor are as follows

Strawberry content 165g (5.82oz), priced at 365 yen (tax included, same below)
Orange content 170g (6oz), priced at 365 yen
Blueberry content 165g (5.82oz), priced at 409 yen