Calbee "Satsumariko Yaki-Imoimo" (baked sweet potato)

A new product from Calbee's "Satsumariko" line of sweet potatoes, "Satsumariko Yaki-imoimo" will go on sale. The product will be available in stores other than convenience stores for a limited time starting August 15. It will go on sale at convenience stores on August 22 and will be discontinued in early November. The estimated price is around 150 yen (tax included).

Satsumariko Yaki-Imoimo

Satsumariko Yaki-Imoimo is a product with a base of fluffy sweet potatoes and yaki-imo (baked sweet potato) powder.

The base of the product is fluffy sweet potato, and the baked sweet potato powder is kneaded into it to give it the flavor of baked sweet potato, allowing consumers to enjoy the savory, sweet, and sticky taste of baked sweet potato. The "crispy and crunchy" texture created by the unique "Jagarico" manufacturing method allows the original taste of sweet potatoes to be enjoyed.

Satsuma Riko

Satsumariko" is a sister product of "Jagarico", which was launched in 1999 and is available only during the fall and winter season. It is popular for its unique "crispy at first, crunchy later" texture, which allows consumers to enjoy the delicious taste of sweet potatoes.