Korean spicy yakisoba "Mocchi" with yangnyom sauce from Acecook Co.

Ace Co., Ltd. will release a limited-time menu item, "Korean Spicy Yakisoba Mocchi with Yangnyom Sauce," from its "Mocchi" series, which is like handmade yakisoba noodles. It will go on sale on August 29. The price is 214 yen (excluding tax).

Korean Spicy Yakisoba Mocchi with Yangnyom Sauce

Among the many trendy dishes on the menu, the Korean spicy yakisoba with yangnyom sauce, which is very popular among women, has become addictive. The spicy flavor of sesame oil and gochujang (red pepper paste) gives the dish a cooked taste that is both spicy and tasty. It is different from yakisoba noodles in a cup, and offers a slightly more authentic taste in a convenient package.

The noodles are made of mochi-mochi (glutinous rice cake) vacuum-treated noodles that have a sticky texture, just like home-cooked yakisoba noodles. The sauce is a tomato-based sauce with the flavor of gochujang, a Korean-style spicy yangnyom sauce. The addition of the sweetness of blackstrap molasses and the richness of miso gives the sauce a spicy yet umami flavor. For the condiment, we added crispy cabbage and colorful green onions.