Saizeriya's New "Spinach Kutta" Menu

I actually ordered and tried the new "Spinach Kutta Kutta" menu item from Saizeriya. The price is 300 yen per plate (tax included).

Spinach Kutakuta

Spinach Kutakuta" is a dish in which spinach is stewed until it is completely cooked. It is accented with the milky flavor of Grand Moravia cheese. Broccoli Kutta-kuta" was also offered in the past.

Saizeriya's New "Spinach Kutta" Menu
Spinach wilted

The spinach is cooked so tender that you think, "I could drink this! The spinach is cooked so soft and tender that you think you can drink it as it is. You can eat it with a spoon just like soup. It is richly seasoned with olive oil! The cheese topping melts and adds saltiness and richness. It would go well with a glass of wine.

Saizeriya "Spinach Kutta" (spinach)

Since it is very soft and has no particular taste, this menu is recommended for children as well. Some stores also offer free seasonings, so you may sprinkle them on as you like. Please be sure to order it when you go to Saizer.