Soy Milk Soft, rich butter flavor, 150g, from Marusan-Eye.

Marusan-Eye will sell Soy Milk Soft, a spread using soy milk, with a rich, buttery flavor (150g (5.29oz)). The contents are 150g (5.29oz), and the price is 360 yen per box (excluding tax). The product will go on sale on September 1.

Soymilk Soft Koku-ban Butter Flavor 150g (5.29oz)

Soymilk Soft Rich Butter Flavor 150g (5.29oz) is a spread-type product made with soy milk that is 95% free of cholesterol (compared to salted butter in the 2015 edition of the Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan (7th revision)) and can be enjoyed safely by those with milk allergies. Even though it contains no dairy ingredients, the rich soy milk used gives it a rich, creamy, buttery taste.

It has a soft texture that is easy to spread on bread and has a smooth texture. The flavor is carefully balanced in terms of saltiness, so it can be used not only for spreading on bread, but also in a wide range of other applications, such as everyday cooking and baking.

Soymilk Soft Butter Flavor 150g (5.29oz)" is creamy like butter even though it contains no dairy ingredients. Why not pick it up when you see it?