Aohata Whole Fruits Series "La France from Yamagata Prefecture

From the "Aohata Whole Fruits" series, a fruit spread made from Aohata fruit and fruit juice, "La France from Yamagata Prefecture" will be available in limited quantities. The product weighs 125g (4.41oz) and is priced at 430 yen (tax included), with nationwide shipments scheduled to begin on September 5.

Aohata Whole Fruits: La France from Yamagata Prefecture

La France is a very labor-intensive fruit to cultivate, and its harvest is limited. It is also very difficult to determine when the fruit is ready to eat. Aohata has created "Aohata Whole Fruits: La-France Grown in Yamagata Prefecture," a product with the flavor and texture of the fruit as it is, using the best ingredients and manufacturing methods to ensure that you can enjoy your favorite fruit whenever you want.

Aohata Whole Fruits Yamagata La-France is characterized by the melt-in-your-mouth pulp and mellow aroma of La-France, which has been enhanced by additional ripening. Only La France produced in Yamagata Prefecture, which is known for its high quality, is used to determine the optimum degree of ripeness. In addition, the pulp is cut to a size that gives the fruit a strong presence so that its pulpy texture can be felt.