Fukunoya "Mentuna Funghi Mushroom

Fukunoya's sister brand "Fukunoya" will release a new product "Mentuna Funghi Mushroom" from the "Mentuna" series, which has sold more than 1.15 million cans as a can of tuna with mentaiko (cod roe) and nameko mushrooms, a classic accompaniment to gohan (rice bowl). The price is 540 yen (tax included).

Men-Tuna Namekotake Mushroom

The "Men-Tuna Namekotake" is made from 100% enokitake mushrooms produced in Nagano Prefecture, and by adding mentaiko tuna (tuna marinated in tuna oil), it achieves a luxurious ingredient feeling not found in conventional namekotake, rich flavor and spiciness, and a deep taste with a refined sourness. This product opens up new possibilities for name mushrooms.

With its rich flavor and presence, it can be used "just by putting it on" chilled tofu, "just by mixing it with an egg", or "just by putting it in the rice cooker and cooking it" to complete a superb takikomi-gohan (rice cooked with various ingredients)! It can also be used as an ingredient in shortcut recipes that are very satisfying.

What is Mentuna?

Mentaiko-flavored tuna is a can of tuna (tuna marinated in tuna oil) mixed with mentaiko marinade and plenty of mentaiko grains. The tuna is made from yellowfin tuna, which has less fat and tighter flesh. The light, unctuous flavor goes well with the mentaiko marinade, and the moderate sweetness of the tuna and the spiciness of the mentaiko give it an exquisite taste.