Toraya Mizuyokan "Silk, deep purple
(Image source: Toraya's official website)

Toraya announced on its official website that mizu-yokan (mizu-yokan jelly) "Silk and Deep Purple" will be available at some stores only on August 15. The price is 3,564 yen per box (tax included).

Toraya Mizuyokan Silk and Deep Purple

Toraya will be selling specially ordered mizu-yokan (mizuyokan) "Kinu Fukamurasaki" on the 15th of every month at its Akasaka store and some of its directly-managed stores. Normally, it is made by reservation at least 5 days in advance, but on this day, it can be purchased without reservation. The quantity is limited.

The Silk and Deep Purple are said to be made with the flavor of azuki beans and the addition of kuzu (arrowroot starch), which gives them a pleasant texture on the tongue. They are poured into a bowl so that they can be cut into desired sizes, and can be enjoyed either as they are or chilled. It is delivered freshly made, so you can enjoy its soft, smooth texture and freshness.

It is sold at the Akasaka Store, Tokyo Midtown Store, TORAYA TOKYO Store, Imperial Hotel Store, and Nihonbashi Store. Sales start times vary by store, so please contact each store directly for more information.