Gyoza no Ousho "Ontama Chinese Curry Ramen

Gyoza no Ousho will introduce "Ontama Chinese Curry Ramen", which will be available from August 1 to 31.

Ontama Chinese Curry Ramen

Gyoza no Ousho "Ontama Chinese Curry Ramen

The spicy aroma of the seafood broth and special curry sauce, prepared by hand at each restaurant, is said to be a dish that will keep your chopsticks moving. The hot oil and Sichuan pepper give it a spicy kick that goes well with rice. The dish can be taken home in a microwave-safe container, so it can be enjoyed hot at home.

The price is 750 yen (tax included, same as below) for a single item. Fair Set A, which includes three gyoza and apricot bean curd, is priced at 980 yen, and Fair Set B, which includes three gyoza and a small rice dish, is priced at 990 yen. Three more gyoza can be added to the Fair Set for an additional 121 yen. Also, at all locations except Hokkaido, the fair set can be replaced with gyoza with extra garlic for an additional 33 yen in western Japan. An additional 33 yen will be charged in western Japan and 22 yen in eastern Japan.

In principle, this service is available at "Gyoza Ohsho" and "GYOZA OHSHO" stores nationwide, but some stores are excluded.