Kamu Kamu Lemon Soda Bag Type 30g" from Mitsubishi Shokuhin Co.

Mitsubishi Foods will re-release "KAMU KAMU Lemon Soda Bag Type 30g (1.06oz)". The release date is August 1. The price is 120 yen (excluding tax). The product will be on sale until around the end of September. The product is available in limited quantities during the summer.

Chew Chew Lemon Soda Pouch Type

The "KAMU KAMU Lemon Soda Pouch Type" is a chewing candy that contains 20 mg of vitamin C (equivalent to one lemon) per piece. Since carbonated flavors are popular in the summer season, the lemon soda flavor was developed by combining carbonation and the most popular lemon flavor in the Kumu-Kamu series.

The unique feature of the KAMUMU KAMU series is its three-layer structure, consisting of the outermost soft coating, outer dough, and inner dough. The soft coating provides the freshness of the fruit pulp and a burst of carbonation, while the outer dough offers a refreshing taste that goes well with the crispy mouthfeel. The inner dough has a lemon soda flavor with just the right amount of tartness and lemon flavor, with a hint of sweetness.

The package is designed to give a carbonated and cool feeling, making people want to pick it up and try it.