Daiichi Pan "Wasabi Beef Bread

Daiichiya Bakery (Daiichiban) will introduce Wasabi Beef Bread in collaboration with Yamaho Seika, available at supermarkets and drugstores in Kanto, Chubu, Kinki, and Shikoku for a limited time starting August 1. It will be sold at an open price.

Wasabi Beef Bun

The Wasabi Beef Bread was created in the image of the rich beef flavor and the tingling wasabi flavor of Yamaho Seika's long-selling "Wasabi Beef" potato chips, which have been on the market since 1987.

Beef filling and potato salad with the spiciness of wasabi are wrapped and baked in a bread that goes well with the ingredients. The filling is made of sliced belly meat, which gives the beef a strong presence and enjoyable texture. Wasabi mayo sauce is used to express the spiciness of wasabi.

This is the fifth time the company and Yamaho Seika have collaborated on the development of this product. The Wasabi Beef Bread was also introduced in 2021 and proved to be very popular, so it has been further brushed up this time with more beef broth in the filling for a richer taste.