Dole Sweetio Pineapple & Yogurt" by Kyodo Dairy

Dole Sweetio Pineapple & Yogurt from Kyodo Dairy's Dole Yogurt Series will be available Convenience stores will carry the product. The release date is August 8. The product weighs 180g (6.35oz) and is priced at 147 yen (excluding tax).

Dole Sweetio Pineapple & Yogurt

Dole Sweetio Pineapple & Yogurt is a summer-only product that combines fat-free yogurt, Sweetio Pineapple, which was developed to suit Japanese tastes, and nata de coco for a refreshingly sweet taste. Sweetio pineapple, which is in season in summer, is also called "golden pineapple" because of its bright yellowish flesh, and is characterized by its rich sweetness and aroma. We have adopted a production method that cuts the pulp in an irregular way to give the pineapple a unique texture. The texture changes with each dice, allowing you to enjoy a variety of textures.

It also contains vitamin C, which is good for the body. It is a delicious and easy way to incorporate vitamin C into your daily diet.