In love with pudding, "Bucket de Retro Pudding"

To go pudding specialty store "In Love with Pudding" will sell "Bucket de Retro Pudding" and summer-only "Fruit Momo Pudding". The release date is August 2. They will also be available at the official online store from 10:00 on the same day.

Bucket de Retro Pudding

Retro Pudding" is a signature product that comes in three sizes: regular (120g (4.23oz)), large (double size/240g (8.47oz)), and extra large (5x size/600g (21.16oz)). Since its opening, many customers have come to the store for the largest extra-large pudding, which is the challenge size, and now the "Bucket de Retro Pudding," the largest dream bucket pudding in the series at 800g (28.22oz), has been introduced to the Retro Pudding lineup.

In love with pudding, "Bucket de Retro Pudding"

As with the regular "Retro Pudding," only delicious ingredients are used, including carefully selected eggs from carefully selected regions, high-fat Jersey milk, and Hokkaido fresh cream. It comes with a follow-up caramel, but it is also recommended to add the special bitter caramel (sold separately) and enjoy it with a generous amount of caramel. The price is 2,000 yen (tax included, same below). Sold at Esola Ikebukuro.

Fruit Momo Pudding

The Smooth Pudding series always offers more than five variations, including plain and melon soda pudding. This time-limited product is made with 100% peach juice, and is a two-layer combination of peach jelly and smooth pudding that offers a fruity and gentle taste. The price is 500 yen. Sold at Esola Ikebukuro and Sanchika stores.

In love with pudding "Fruit Momo Pudding