Seiyu "Retro Pudding Ice Bar

I actually bought and tried the "Retro Pudding Ice Bars" sold by Seiyu, which are endorsed by everyone. 5 bars in a bag, priced at 298 yen (tax not included).

Retro Pudding Ice Cream Bar

Retro Pudding Ice Cream Bar" is a slightly bitter caramel pudding-flavored ice cream that is reminiscent of old-fashioned pudding. The pudding ice cream is topped with caramel. It looks so cute and retro!

Seiyu "Retro Pudding Ice Bar
Retro Pudding Ice Bar

The ice cream has a light texture and melts smoothly in the mouth. The rich sweetness of the pudding melts in your mouth. The caramel part is slightly bitter and goes perfectly with the pudding ice cream! Overall, the ice cream is sweet and satisfying enough for a single piece. Highly satisfying! It's as if the pudding itself has been turned into ice cream! This is a must-try for pudding lovers.

Seiyu "Retro Pudding Ice Cream Bar

Seiyu's "Retro Pudding Ice Cream Bars with Everyone's Approval" are perfect for your snack time, and at only about 300 yen for five bars, they are very reasonably priced. Why not pick one up when you see one?