Castado "Fresh Cream Custard

A new product, Fresh Cream Custard, is now available from custard cream specialty store "Kasta-do". The price is 330 yen (tax included).

Fresh Cream Custard

The rich and smooth original crème custard is made by combining home-cooked thick custard cream made from "Goyo-eggs," a brand of eggs from Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture with a strong sweetness and deep richness, and fresh crème cream from the Neshiro district of Hokkaido. You can taste the best crème custard with a melting texture and a sweet and gentle aroma overflowing. In addition, the crispy baked pie puff pastry and the crunchy texture of crystal sugar sprinkled on the surface enhance the deliciousness of the cream. The rich and milky taste of "Fresh Cream Custard" has been completed.


A specialty store that specializes in custard cream, which is made from scratch in the store every day. We have created a "pure raw custard cream" that everyone loves but has never tasted before. The main product is a "warm cream puff" that is warmed before eating at home and is freshly made at the moment of eating.