Tohato "Violent Habanero Spicy Fish Tsukemen Flavor".

Tohato will introduce a new snack, "Gyokun Habanero Spicy Fish Tsukemen Flavor," which will be available at convenience stores nationwide from August 1, 2012. The product weighs 68 grams and is priced at 175 yen (tax included).

Tyrannical Habanero Spicy Hot Fish Tsukemen Flavor

This is a collaboration between "Spicy Spicy Fish Tsukemen," a tsukemen noodle soup from Noodle House Inosho, and "Tyokun Habanero," a snack made from the extremely hot hot pepper Habanero. Spicy hot fish tsukemen is a popular staple menu item at Mendokoro I-no-sho, with a pork bone base and a seafood aroma and flavor that is said to be addictive. It is characterized by a heaping pile of spicy fish powder and is not only spicy, but also emphasizes the delicious flavors of pork, chicken, and seafood.

This time, the snack is said to reproduce these characteristics. About twice as much habanero paste has been kneaded into the dough as in the standard "Violent Habanero. The standard spiciness of the standard tyakuun habanero is 5, while the standard spiciness of the tyakuun habanero spicy fish tsukemen flavor is 10. The calorie content per bag is 370 kcal.