Okay Original Ice Cream "Blueberry
(All images are sourced from O.K.'s official Twitter account)

Blueberry" is now available as a limited time flavor in OKE's original ice cream series, according to the company's official Twitter account. The selling price is 198.72 yen (including tax, the same below) for those who join the "OKE Club," a membership service with no admission fee and no annual fee, and pay in cash; otherwise, the price is 204.12 yen.

O.K. Original Ice Cream "Blueberry

Okay Original Ice Cream "Blueberry

OKE's original ice cream is characterized by being sold at a low price without the cost of packaging. In addition to the standard vanilla, green tea, and chocolate flavors, seasonal and limited-time-only flavors are also available.

This time, concentrated blueberry juice is used, with a total of 43% fruit pulp and juice content. It is marketed as a rich blueberry gelato with a refreshing sweetness. Each serving contains 120 ml.

The original ice cream is available at O.K. stores. For details on store information, please visit the official website.