Meiji Nyumu Yogurt Essence Super Cup Super Vanilla Flavor

Meiji will release Meiji Nomu Yogurt Essence Super Cup Super Vanilla Flavor at convenience stores on August 2.

Meiji Nommu Yogurt Essel Supercup Super Vanilla Flavor

This yogurt replicates the delicious taste of "Meiji Essel Supercup Super Vanilla". It uses Tokachi Milk Lactobacillus TM96 to create a flavor full of milk.

Tokachi Milk Lactobacillus TM96 is a unique lactic acid bacteria discovered from raw milk produced in Tokachi, Hokkaido. It is characterized by its low acidity and enhances the flavor of milk.

The design of the top (lid) of "Meiji Essle Supercup Super Vanilla" is placed in the center of the package. The package expresses the surprise and pleasure of opening the lid, as well as the smooth taste of the contents. The estimated price is 163 yen (including tax).


Since its launch in 1994, the "Meiji Essl Supercup" series has been popular as a cup of ice cream with a rich, clean taste and smooth texture. The name "Essel" was coined from the words "excellent" and "essential. It expresses our desire to be an authentic ice cream (essential) that is delicious, high quality ice cream (excellent), and always at the center of people's lives.

Meiji Essence Super Cup Super Vanilla