Hi-Chew "Changing Hi-Chew

Morinaga's "Hi-Chew" soft candy, which offers a pleasant chewiness and juicy taste, will release three new products: "Change Hi-Chew", a new product whose taste changes as you eat it; "Hi-Chew Premium [Muscat]", a sticky and juicy product; and "Punishari Hi-Chew Assortment," which offers two different textures in a single piece. The release date is August 2.

Changing Hi-Chew

The "two-layer structure" is a characteristic feature of Hi-Chews, and the quality of the product is a surprise that changes as you continue eating it. The first taste is a white peach flavor, and as you eat it, you will be able to see what it changes to. The package is designed with five different humorous expressions to convey the fun of the product to teenagers, the target audience. You can enjoy changing the expressions by holding the package so that it overlaps with your own eyes. The price is 119 yen (tax included, same as below).

Hi-Chew "Changing Hi-Chew

Hi-Chew Premium [Muscat].

This premium quality "Hi-Chew" has the juicy taste and refreshing sweetness of seasonal Muscat and a pleasant, sticky texture. Priced at 140 yen.

Hi-Chew "Hi-Chew Premium [Muscat]".

Punishari Hi-Chew Assortment

The gummy substance is placed inside the "Hi-Chew" to give the gummy substance a crunchy texture and a crunchy feel at the same time, so that two different textures can be enjoyed with a single piece. The assortment of flavors includes melon soda, soda, and mikan soda flavors, which are reminiscent of refreshing carbonated drinks unique to summer. The price is open to the public.

Hi-Chew "Punishari Hi-Chew Assortment