Chihi Kawa Furikake in a container

Chiikawa Furikake in a container, featuring the character "Chiikawa" by popular illustrator Mr. Nagano in the package design, will go on sale.

Chii-Kawa Furikake in a container

Chihi Kawa Furikake in a container

This furikake comes in a container featuring "Chii-Kawa," a character that is rapidly gaining popularity on SNS. There are three types of containers: "Chii-Kawa," "Hachiware," and "Usagi," which are popular characters, and a total of five types of tummy labels. The combination of the container's face and tummy label is random. The orange color of the salmon furikake and the cute star tip make for a pleasing appearance. The container makes it easy to carry around.

Chihi Kawa Furikake in a container

On sale from August 25. Contents: 20 g. Price: 194 yen (tax included).

cNagano / Cheekawa Production Committee


Chiikawa" is a manga created by illustrator Nagano that originated on Twitter. It is a story of fun, sad, and a little bit hard days of Chiikawa, who is always trying her best, and her friends Hachiware, Usagi, and other unique characters. The manga has been widely developed through merchandise, collaboration cafes, and corporate collaborations, and the book "Chiika: Something Small and Cute" is currently on sale from Kodansha up to volume 4. In addition, the TV anime "Chiikawa" is being broadcast on "Mezamashi TV" from April 2022.