Hokkaido Grown Corn Bread" from Sekimoto Bakery

Newly released "Hokkaido Grown Corn Bread" from Sakimoto Bakery will be on sale for the month of August. The release date is August 1st. The price is 800 yen (tax included).

Hokkaido Grown Corn Bread

Hokkaido Grown Corn Bread" is an appetizing bread with a savory smell made from corn grown in Tokachi, Hokkaido. The texture is accentuated by mixing in granulated corn and solid mayonnaise, and the bread is finished with a sprinkling of corn grits and baked to a golden brown. The corn bread, which brings out the full flavor of corn, will be available only for one month.

The stores selling the bread are as follows

High Quality Bread Specialty Store "Sekihon Sekihon
Aeon Mall Sapporo Hassamu Store / Sapporo Minami 13 Jo Store / Daimaru Sapporo Store / Niigata Tsubame Sanjo Store / Apita Niigata Nishi Store Kofu Showa Store / Tokyo Denenchofu Store / Odakyu Haruku Shinjuku Store / Akihabara Store / Tokyo Machida Store / LaLa Terrace Musashikosugi Store Tama Plaza Terrace Store / Tokyo Chitose Funabashi Store / Chiba Funabashi Store / Shizuoka Mishima Ginko Namiki Store / Ibaraki Mito Store Hitachinaka store / Nagoya Sakae store / Osaka Hatsunohon store / Osaka Abeno store / Osaka Dojima store / Toyonaka Romantic Kaido store / Shinsaibashi Pop-up Store / Kyoto Sanjo Kamogawa store / Shiga Kusatsu store / Shiga Kusatsu Ekimae store Ehime Emiful MASAKI store / Hiroshima Fukuyama store / Hiroshima Mihara store / Hakata Station store / Fukuoka Fujisaki store / Kumamoto Hikari no Mori store Bakery Cafe Miyazaki store / Kagoshima Arata store / Amu Plaza Kagoshima store / Kagoshima Opusia Misumi store
Regular sales at three Hokkaido stores (Aeon Mall Sapporo Hassamu, Sapporo Minami 13jo, and Daimaru Sapporo) from July 1.