Sarabeth's "Tres Leches Pan Cake"

Sarabeth's will offer two limited-time specials: tres leches pan cake and buffalo chicken dog. They will be available from August 1 through September 19.

Tres leches pancakes

Tres leches" means "three kinds of milk. It is a cake soaked in three types of milk: condensed milk, evaporated milk, and fresh cream. Tres leches, which originated in Mexico but is also a popular cake in the U.S., has been rearranged into pancakes this time. Enjoy the milky flavor of the milk sauce poured generously over the pancakes, with plenty of mango and whipped cream topping as desired, and soak up the sizzling flavor. Priced at 1,750 yen (tax included, same below).

Sarabeth's "Tres Leches Pan Cake"

Buffalo Dog

Buffalo Wings" is a dish that is said to have originated in a bar in Buffalo, New York, a town on the shores of Lake Erie. The dish is traditionally thought of as something you grab in your hand and bite into with gusto, but at Sarabeth's, it is served hot dog style for a more stylish and easier-to-eat meal. The spicy sauce has a spicy yet tasty flavor, and blue cheese sauce is added as an accent. The crispy fried chicken skin adds a savory flavor, making it a deliciously spicy dog that will leave you wanting more. The price is 1,950 yen.

Sarabeth "Buffalo Dog"

Passion Tea Soda

Also available is Passion Tea Soda, a refreshing fruit tea soda with passion fruit jellied with agar. This refreshing fruit tea soda contains passion fruit jellied with saagar. The tropical aroma and sweet and sour taste of passion fruit is perfect for the hot summer. The price is 880 yen.

Sarabeth's "Passion Tea Soda"