Maruyama Coffee "Maruyama Coffee Liquid Coffee BLACK (unsweetened)

Maruyama Coffee sells "Maruyama Coffee Liquid Coffee BLACK (unsweetened)," which allows consumers to enjoy the authentic taste of coffee from a specialty coffee shop at home. The product is 1,000 ml in volume and is available at an open price.

Maruyama Coffee Liquid Coffee BLACK (unsweetened)

Maruyama Coffee's Liquid Coffee BLACK (unsweetened) can be enjoyed at home by simply chilling it in the refrigerator or pouring it into a glass filled with ice to enjoy the rich taste of iced coffee from specialty coffee shops. You can also enjoy a delicious and authentic cup of café au lait by mixing it with milk. Straight up, you can enjoy the rich aroma, richness, and refreshing aftertaste of dark chocolate, and in a café au lait, you can enjoy the exquisite harmony of coffee and milk.

The package design features diagonal lines in the motif of coffee beans and ice, expressing the light air of Karuizawa and the deep hues of iced coffee.

A bottle of Maruyama Coffee's Liquid Coffee BLACK (unsweetened) is a convenient way to enjoy a café atmosphere at home. Coffee lovers should check it out!