Domino's Pizza "Buy Delivery L-Size Pizza, Get 2 M-Size Pizzas Free! Revenge"

Domino's Pizza is offering a buy one, get two free "Buy Delivery L-Size Pizza, Get Two M-Size Pizzas Free! Revenge" will be offered for four days only from July 28 to 31.

Buy a Delivery L-Size Pizza, Get 2 M-Size Pizzas Free! Revenge

The previous "Buy a Delivery L-Size Pizza, Get 2 M-Size Pizzas Free! campaign from June 23 to July 3, the response was far greater than expected. Orders poured in and the supply of pizza dough and pizza boxes could not keep up. Although the inventory situation improved during the campaign, some stores stopped accepting delivery orders until July 3, when the campaign ended, resulting in some stores not being able to accept orders or taking a long time to serve them.

Based on the lessons learned from the previous campaign, the "Revenge" campaign, "Buy a Delivery L-size pizza, get 2 M-size pizzas for free! Revenge" for four days only. The project will be carried out in full preparation, with sufficient pizza dough and pizza boxes prepared, and sports drinks and salt candy rationed in consideration of the crew's health.

During the period, buy an L-size or New Yorker pizza for delivery and get two M-size pizzas for free. This campaign offers a maximum savings of 4,860 yen. The free M-size pizza is available for 14 items in the 1-2 Happy Range, including the royal Margherita and the meat-packed Giga Meat.

Ordering Procedure
Step 1: Select one L or New Yorker pizza for delivery.
The campaign is only valid for delivery orders.
Choose the pizza you want in the L or New Yorker size.
Domino's Pizza always offers more than 35 kinds of pizza.

Step 2: Select two free M2 pizzas.
Select two free M size pizzas.
You can choose your favorite pizzas from within the 1-2 Happy Range for eligible M-size pizzas.

Step 3 Order via Domino's Pizza ordering app, web, or phone.

All eligible items are L pizzas or all New Yorker pizzas except plain pizzas.
Eligible items are 1-2 Happy Range M-size pizzas.
Coupon can be used for delivery orders only.
Discount does not apply to set menus or side dishes.
Cannot be used in conjunction with other coupons or special offers.
Additional charges for extra toppings and dough changes are not eligible for discount.