We compared premium route hamburgers from three convenience stores. 7-ELEVEN "Golden hamburger steak", Lawson "Thick beef hamburger steak! Beef Hamburger Steak", Famima "Juuwatto Meat Juice! Teppan-yaki Hamburger Steak" by Famima.

Comparison of "Premium Hamburgers" at Convenience Stores

All are chilled products. They can be heated in a microwave oven in the bag and eaten.

7-ELEVEN Golden Hamburger Steak

Comparison of "Premium Hamburgers" at Convenience Stores

This product is grilled to a savory perfection using a specialty restaurant procedure of grilling the surface on a teppan grill and then steaming it. For the sauce, fond de veau, mushrooms, and sauteed onions are added to create a rich demi-glace sauce with the natural sweetness and richness of vegetables.

The price is 429 yen (tax included, same as below). It contains 200g (7.05oz) and has 380kcal.

Comparison of "Premium Hamburgers" at Convenience Stores

The product is as delicious as its claim "the authentic taste of a specialty restaurant. You can fully enjoy the flavor of the meat, which is as good as the rich sauce. The slightly rare finish enhances the wild flavor of the meat, making it a trendy hamburger steak. It is my personal recommendation.

Lawson Thick! Beef Hamburger Steak

Comparison of "Premium Hamburger Steak" at convenience stores

Only beef is used. The demi-sauce is as good as the beef, and the "juicy meat juices can be felt every time you eat it" is the selling point. The price is 399 yen. The calorie count is 477 kcal.

Comparison of "Premium Hamburgers" at Convenience Stores

A meaty hamburger steak that softly melts in your mouth. The gentle flavor of the sauteed onions with their distinctive sweet and savory taste is a perfect match for the rich sauce. It is a well-balanced, royal taste.

Juicy and juicy! Teppan Grilled Hamburger Steak

Comparison of "Premium Hamburgers" at Convenience Stores

A hamburger steak overflowing with juices, served with a special demi-glace sauce made with porcini mushrooms and concentrated wine as a secret ingredient. The price is 398 yen. It contains 200g (7.05oz) and 340kcal.

Comparison of "Premium Hamburgers" at Convenience Stores

The juiciness of the meat is the best among the three products, and the texture is soft and fluffy. While the other two products use only beef, this one is made with pork, so it is a little lighter and more satisfying. The demi-glace sauce, which is slightly charred and has a deep, rich flavor, is delicious.

This was a comparison of the above three dishes. Personally, if I had to rank them, I would say 7-ELEVEN ]= Lawson ]= Famima. 7-ELEVEN's beefiness was the best. Premium hamburger steak is a little expensive for a convenience store, but if you are not sure whether to try it or not, please refer to this page!