Sekimoto "Hokkaido Grown Corn Bread"

New "Hokkaido Grown Corn Bread" from Sekimoto The new bread, which was first sold in Hokkaido in July, will be available at stores nationwide for a limited time from August 1 to 31.

Hokkaido Grown Corn Bread

Sekimoto "Hokkaido Grown Corn Bread"

Hokkaido stores use corn grown in Biei, while stores nationwide use corn grown in Tokachi. Grain corn and solid mayonnaise are mixed in to accentuate the texture, and corn grits are sprinkled on top for the finishing touch and baked to a golden brown.

The product is described as being soft and fluffy, with the flavor of corn brought out to its fullest. The size is 1 loaf (120 x 120 x 120 mm). In addition to in-store sales, orders can be placed by phone at each store, through the official application, or through the official online store. Stores selling the product are as follows

AEON MALL Sapporo Hassamu
Sapporo Minami 13-jo Store
Daimaru Sapporo Store
Niigata Tsubame-Sanjo
Niigata Tsubame-Sanjo Store
Kofu Showa Store
Tokyo Denenchofu
Tokyo Denenchofu - Odakyu Haruku Shinjuku
Tokyo Denenchofu
Tokyo Machida
Tokyo Machida Store
Tama Plaza Terrace
Chiba Funabashi
Chiba Funabashi
Chiba Funabashi ・ Tokyo Chitose Funabashi
Ibaraki Mito Store
Ibaraki Hitachinaka
Ibaraki Hitachinaka Store
Osaka Hatsunohon Store
Osaka Abeno Store
Osaka Dojima
Toyonaka Romantic Kaido Store
Sanjo Kamogawa, Kyoto / Kusatsu, Shiga
Shiga Kusatsu Ekimae Store
Ehime Emifuru MASAKI
Hiroshima Fukuyama
Hiroshima Mihara Store
Hakata Station Store
Hakata Station Store
Kumamoto Hikarinomori Store
Bakery Cafe Miyazaki
Saga store
Kagoshima Arata
Amu Plaza Kagoshima
Kagoshima Opusia Misumi store