Maruka Foods "Peyoung Sansai Soba-Soba Style
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Peyoung Sansai Soba-Soba Style" is a new flavor of cup yakisoba from Maruka Foods' "Peyoung" brand, which will be available from July 25. The estimated price is 214 yen (excluding tax).

Peyoung Sansai Soba-Soba Style

Peyoung Sansai Soba-Soba" is Peyoung's original "Soba-Soba-like Noodle" which does not contain any buckwheat flour, and is said to be a reproduction of Sansai Soba. The package also prominently states that it contains no buckwheat flour.

The noodles have a gentle flavor with bonito soup stock and are accented with mildly bitter wild vegetables. There are four kinds of kayaku: bracken, fish paste, royal fern, and green onion.

Each serving weighs 117 g, contains 535 kcal, and requires 480 ml of hot water for cooking. After 3 minutes, pour out the hot water from the drain opening and remove the lid and mix the sauce well to complete the dish.