How to preserve apples

Remember! Here is a comprehensive list of ways to preserve fruits. Strawberries, oranges, apples, persimmons, pears, bananas. Click each link to jump to the detailed article page.

How to preserve strawberries

It is said that strawberries start to get damaged when they are overlapped or under pressure, so it is not recommended to store them as they are in the pack you bought them in! In this article, we will show you how to store strawberries using aluminum foil to make them last longer than usual.

Strawberry Storage

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How to Preserve Mandarin Oranges

Mandarin oranges are sweet and juicy. When you buy or receive a large quantity of oranges, here are three ways to store them to keep them fresh as long as possible: room temperature, refrigerated, and frozen.

How to preserve oranges

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How to Store Apples

Learn how to store apples at room temperature, refrigerated, or frozen! Just by following these simple tips, you can keep your apples fresh and tasty for longer than usual.

How to preserve apples

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How to Store Persimmons

Persimmons tend to ripen and become mushy, so how do you preserve them? Here is a simple way to keep persimmons crisp and pleasant to the touch for two to three weeks.

How to Preserve Persimmons

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How to store pears

Here's how to store pears in the refrigerator to keep them fresh and sweet for up to two weeks! The key is to seal them and put the heft side down.

How to Preserve Pears

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How to store bananas (room temperature and refrigerator)

The proper way to store bananas, "room temperature/refrigerator" version! Hanging on a banana stand, out of the wrapping package, wrapped in newspaper and put in a plastic bag

How to store bananas (room temperature and refrigerator)

]Detailed information on how to store bananas at room temperature and in the refrigerator.

How to freeze bananas

Learn how to freeze bananas using freezer bags, which are easy to make and easy to thaw and use. Use up bananas wisely and deliciously, as they tend to turn black when overripe.

How to freeze bananas

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It is recommended to eat each fruit as soon as possible.