Kitan Club "Yakitori-ng
(Image taken from the official website)

Capsule toy "Yakitori-ng" will be available from Kitanklub, to be released sequentially from mid-July. The price is 400 yen per capsule (tax included). Contents are random.


The "Yakitori Ring" has been thoroughly designed to be realistic down to the smallest details, such as the glaze, the charring, and the hole that opens up when the skewer is removed. When stacked on one finger, they look like yakitori on a skewer! This is an item that can be enjoyed even if the same kind is covered. The lineup consists of five types: Negima (tare), Negima (salt), Skin (salt), Tsukune (tare), and Bacon Tomato.

The capsule is designed to look like a red lantern with the word "Yakitori" written on it. It is partially assembled.

Mousou Kousakusho is a miscellaneous goods planning and production label established by writer and craftsman Keiko Otobata. This collaboration was born from an article that Otobata published on the Internet entertainment site "Daily Portal Z".

The "Yakitori-ng" is a yakitori (grilled chicken) that will make you feel like you are enjoying a festival or a drink. It is a great point that you can enjoy it like a yakitori when you wear it.