Ministop "Gurukulu Horoniga Coffee

Gurukuru Horoniga Coffee will go on sale at Ministop on July 22. In addition, "Oicho Chocolate" and "Oicho Salted Caramel" will also be available as items to enjoy a change in taste.

Gurukuru Horoniga Coffee

Gurukuru Horoniga Coffee" is a new type of Gurukuru with crunchy ice, with a special attention paid to the size of the crushed ice. Coffee jelly and soft-serve ice cream mix with the crunchy ice to create a unique drinking experience.

The coffee jelly is well-balanced to give a firm bitter taste while also providing a sweet taste. The drink has a strong yet refreshing aftertaste that will make you want to drink it again.

Ministop "Gurukulu Horoniga Coffee

Large cacao nibs are used as a topping. The cacao flavor spreads as soon as you chew it, creating an addictive bitterness.

Gurukul is recommended to be mixed about 30 times before drinking. It is designed to taste even better by mixing the whole mixture in a glug, glug, glug. Price: 398.52 yen (tax included).

chocolates to follow

Oyakashi Salted Caramel

A separately sold topping sauce that you can enjoy by adding it to your favorite menu items. You can enjoy changing the flavor to match soft-serve ice cream, parfaits, coffee, glucurts, etc. Priced at 32.40 yen each (tax included).

Ministop "Oyakko Chocolate" and "Oyakko Salted Caramel".