Chiikawayaki" from GiGO's Taiyaki

GiGO's Taiyaki Ikebukuro and Akihabara will sell the third edition of the Taiyaki "Chiikawa-yaki" in collaboration with Chiikawa. on sale July 30. The sales period is until September 25. There are two types in total, priced at 600 yen (tax included).


Chiikawa" is a popular manga serialized on Twitter by illustrator Nagano. This time, two new designs, "Chiikawa" and "Hachiware" and a reversible design of "Chiikawa" and "Usagi" will be available. The set will include one original design "Chiikawayaki" + one original can badge No. 3 (total 6 kinds/random). The size of the badge is 57mm, and you cannot choose the design of the badge.

Chiikawayaki" from GiGO's Taiyaki

There are two flavors: premium cream and chocolate. Flavor is subject to change without notice.

Chiikawa fans will want to get the "Chiikawa-yaki" and the original can badge. Be sure to check them out!

Distribution will end as soon as they are gone.
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