Aohata 55 "Strawberry & Raspberry" and "Apple & Cranberry

From the "Aohata 55" series of low-sugar jams, "Strawberry & Raspberry" and "Apple & Cranberry" will go on sale on August 18.

Strawberry & Raspberry

Strawberry & Raspberry" is a jam that combines strawberries and raspberries to create a sweet and sour aromatic flavor. It is more sweet and sour than the standard "Aohata 55 Strawberry" so that it goes well with sweets. It has a sugar content of 42 degrees. Contents: 150 g. Estimated price: 269 yen (tax included). Shelf life is 12 months.

Waffle with Aohata 55 "Strawberry & Raspberry

Apple & Cranberry

Apple & Cranberry has been sold as a seasonal autumn/winter product since 2020 and has been well received every year. This refreshing jam combines green apple pulp and cranberry juice and is tailored to provide a strong acidity. It has a sugar content of 46 degrees. Contents: 150 g. Estimated price: 262 yen (tax included). The shelf life is 12 months.

Aohata 55 "Apple & Cranberry" ice cream over

The seasonal products are designed to be enjoyed as a "way to enjoy seasonal fruits" by arranging them in sweets and other menus. Both "Strawberry & Raspberry" and "Apple & Cranberry" are recommended not only with bread and yogurt, but also with rich vanilla ice cream, which is in high demand in winter.