Capsule toy "Sacrelite
(Image taken from the official website)

KITAN CLUB will release a capsule toy "Sacrelite". Handling will begin in early August. Prior to the general release, the capsule toy will go on sale at the "Sacre Summer Festa 2022" event (from July 21), a collaboration between SUNSET BEACH PARK INAGE, a new leisure facility in Inage Seaside Park, Chiba Prefecture, and "Sacre". The "Sacre Light" capsule toys will be available at the "Sacre Summer Festa 2022" from July 23. The price is 500 yen (tax included) for one time.

Saclay Light

Saclay Light" is a capsule toy that reproduces the cool, shimmering appearance of Futaba Foods' national ice cream "Saclay" by incorporating a light gimmick that has been popular in capsule toys. The lid is made of the same material as the real "Sacré," and when the lemon or ice cubes on the surface are pressed, the entire piece of ice glows. Transparent parts are used for the fruit and ice, and the switch part is made of a soft material with an addictive tactile sensation that makes you want to press it again and again. In addition to the regular flavors, the lineup includes the new "Pineapple" flavor for 2022 and "Sacre in those days," a recreation of the nostalgic packaging, which will be familiar and enjoyable to "Sacre" fans of all generations.