Lawson "Fuwa Busse Meltingly Caramel & Chocolat

The "Fuwa Busse Meltingly Caramel & Chocolat" and "Fuwa Busse Meltingly Hokkaido Strawberry" will be sold at LAWSON stores in Hokkaido.

The "Fuwa Busse" is a bouche sweet sandwiched between thick butter cream and a special sauce made with ingredients from Hokkaido. It is made with simple ingredients: flour, sugar, eggs, and salt. It is characterized by its crispy outside and fluffy inside texture.

Fuwa Busse Meltingly Caramel & Chocolat

Lawson "Fuwa Busse Meltingly Caramel & Chocolat

The caramel carefully simmered using Hokkaido raw milk is combined with the perfect match of chocolate in this fluffy bouche. You can enjoy the marriage of the rich caramel sauce and the chocolate butter cream made with Hokkaido butter.

On sale from July 21. Priced at 240 yen (tax included, same below).

Lawson "Fuwa Busse Meltingly Caramel & Chocolat

Fuwa-Busse Meltingly Hokkaido Strawberries

A fluffy bouche with a special sauce using "Suzuakane" strawberries produced in Hokkaido, which are characterized by their moderate acidity. Available from July 21. Price: 240 yen.

May not be available at all stores.
Available in the evening.