Calbee "Spicy Pizza Potatoes

From the "Pizza Potato" series of thick-sliced potato chips that reproduce the taste of authentic pizza, a new product "Spicy Pizza Potato" will be released with the spicy and delicious taste of habanero and cheese. The release date is July 25. It will be available at convenience stores for a limited time only. Non-convenience store outlets will begin handling the product on August 1. The estimated price is around 150 yen (tax included).

Spicy Pizza Potato

Spicy Pizza Potato" is a limited time only Pizza Potato with a hot and spicy flavor. Due to the popularity of the product, the spiciness of the habanero base flavor has been maintained while the meat flavor has been enhanced, and the product will be released again this year just in time for summer, when people crave spicy food. Cocoa powder has been newly added as a secret ingredient for a more authentic taste.

The package is based on a simple red color to convey the spicy flavor and leave a lasting impression. The top half of the package is decorated with a picture of a freshly made pizza with "melted cheese" to give the product a strong presence on the sales floor.