Montale "Long Chocolate Eclair"

Mont Terre has announced on its official website that "Long Chocolate Eclair" is now available as a limited-time-only sweet. It will be available until July 23.

Mont-Terre Long Chocolate Eclair

Montale "Long Chocolate Eclair"

The first Ox day of summer in 2022 will be July 23 and the second Ox day will be August 4. On these days, many restaurants and eateries will offer menus named after eels, and Mont-Terre has prepared an eclair that is as long as an eel. The packaging is also designed to resemble an eel.

The eclair is made of two layers of rich homemade Belgian chocolate paste and smooth chocolate cream, filled with a chocolate coating. Each package contains 261 calories.

The long chocolate eclair is sold throughout Japan, but sales areas may vary depending on regional conditions.