Donk's 117th anniversary celebration

Donq will hold "Donq 117th Anniversary Founding Festival - Donq Famous Bread Collection" at Donq. Limited time offerings of sweet breads, prepared breads, etc. will be available.

Donk 117th Anniversary Festival -Donk's Famous Bread Collection

Donk's unique feature of being able to develop menus for each store will be utilized, and breads with regional ingredients will be prepared. The Donk Bread Collection will feature breads made with regional ingredients. The "Minatomachi Coffee Milk Bread - From Kobe, the city of coffee" will be available at each store. In addition, a "Commemorative Speed Lottery" will be distributed at each store.

Hokkaido Sapporo Store] "Hokkaido Natural Cheese Pave

Donk's 117th anniversary celebration

Hokkaido Sapporo Store] Hokkaido Natural Cheese Pavé" will be available from August 1 to 16. The price is 303 yen (tax included).

It is baked with Hokkaido Gouda cheese and cream cheese. It is said that the rich flavor of the cheese can be enjoyed even more by reheating it.

Butter-scented Goroshima Kintoki (Kanazawa, Ishikawa)

Donk's 117th anniversary celebration

Butter-scented Goroshima Kintoki will also be available from August 1 to 16. The selling price is 260 yen.

The sweetness of Goroshimakintoki goes well with the savory flavor of black sesame seeds. It is baked with salted butter for a rich aroma.

Peanut Cream Bread

Donk's 117th anniversary celebration

Peanut cream buns will also be available from August 1 to 16. The selling price is 249 yen.

It is made with "creamy peanut butter" popular at Suzuichi Shoten in Kisarazu City, Chiba Prefecture. It is said that the natural flavor of peanuts can be enjoyed.

Nishio Matcha and Dainagon (Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture)

Donk's 117th anniversary celebration

The "Nishio Matcha and Dainagon" will also be available from August 1 to 16. The selling price is 249 yen.

Nishio matcha green tea, characterized by its aroma, mild flavor, and richness, is added. Dainagon and white chocolate chips accent the flavor.

Awaji onion and cheddar cheese

Donk's 117th anniversary celebration

Awaji Onion and Cheddar Cheese" will also be available from August 1 to 16. The price is 281 yen.

Onions from Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture, a major onion production area, are used. You can enjoy the gentle sweetness of Awaji Island onions and the flavor of the cheese.

Setouchi Lemon and Cream Cheese

Donk's 117th anniversary celebration

Setouchi Lemon and Cream Cheese" will also be available from August 1 to 16. The price is 292 yen.

It combines the refreshing aroma of slightly sweet Setouchi lemon peel with the richness of cream cheese. It is also available slightly chilled.

Kagoshima Kurobuta Pork Grilled Curry

Donk's 117th anniversary celebration

Kagoshima Kurobuta Yaki Curry" will also be available from August 1 to 16. The selling price is 303 yen.

This bread is a delicacy wrapped in an original Kagoshima Kurobuta curry. It is topped with cheese and baked to a crisp.

Port Town Coffee Milk Bread - From Kobe, the city of coffee

Donk's 117th anniversary celebration

Minatomachi Coffee Milk Bread - From Coffee Town Kobe" will be available from August 7 to 16. The price is 908 yen.

The port city of Kobe, where many Western cultures entered through the port of Kobe, was the first place where bread and coffee spread, and is considered to be the place where Donk's history began 117 years ago. To commemorate the 117th anniversary of the company's founding, a limited quantity of breads with the image of Kobe will be produced.

The soft and fluffy brioche will be paired with almond cream made with slightly deep-roasted coffee. It is characterized by its mellow, deep richness and subtle milky flavor. The savory texture of walnuts accentuates the taste. The product is packaged in a limited-edition paper handbag with a reissue logo design. However, some stores do not sell this product.

Commemorative Speed Lottery

Donk's 117th anniversary celebration

On August 8, a limited number of the "Anniversary Speed Raffle" will be distributed. A total of 600 winners will win a "regional recommendation bread accompaniment" to enjoy with their French bread. The prizes are as follows

Hokkaido prize: Krail Hokkaido Krail cheese 2-piece set
Akita prize: Akita Rokujikai Akita Hinai Jidori Pirunai Ham and Wiener 5-piece set
Chiba Prefecture Prize: YACHIMATA YOSHIKURA Peanut butter 2-piece set
Shizuoka Prize: Kanehachi Oil Sabadine Set
Kobe Prize: Kobe Beef Ranch - Kobe Red Wine Braised Rokko Beef (3 pcs.)
Okayama Prefecture Prize: Sato Orchard Peach Confiture Set
Fukuoka Prefecture prize: HAKUOKA TSUMI FUKU NO OIL MARINADE "CONF" set.

If you win the raffle, you will receive a prize exchange application postcard, which you can fill out and post to have your prize delivered at a later date. Some stores may not distribute the lottery.

In addition, on August 8, shoppers who spend 500 yen or more will receive a 100-yen product exchange coupon that can be used at a future date. The deadline for exchange is August 31.

The Founders' Festival will be held at 136 Donk and Donk Edit stores nationwide. However, some stores may offer different items.