Godiva "Chocolixa Dark Chocolate Mango" and "Cacao Fruit Juice Mango

Chocolixer Dark Chocolate Mango and Cacao Fruit Juice Mango will be available at limited Godiva stores on August 5. Limited quantities and time period.

Chocolixer Dark Chocolate Mango

Chocolixer Dark Chocolate Mango is a new flavor of the chocolate drink Chocolixer. It is a frozen drink that combines Godiva's chocolate with Godiva's original mango sauce with pulp, which has a fresh sour taste. The white color of the whipped cream topping and the orange color of the mango sauce evoke the bright summer sun.

Godiva "Chocolixa Dark Chocolate Mango".

The regular size (270 ml) is priced at 690 yen and the large size (350 ml) at 790 yen, including tax. Sold at stores nationwide that sell Chocolixa.

Cacao Fruit Juice Mango

Cacao Fruit Juice Mango" is from the "Cacao Fruit Series - Another Cacao to Enjoy as Fruit" that uses the "pulp" of cacao fruit. The cacao fruit juice, with its lychee and passion fruit aromas and ripe grapefruit-like acidity, is combined with Godiva's original pulpy mango sauce. The aroma and taste are tropical and perfect for summer.

Godiva "Cacao Fruit Juice Mango

Sold at cacao fruit juice stores nationwide.