Dom Dom Hamburger "Zee Pie Burger"
(Image source: Dom Dom Hamburger official website)

Dom Dom Hamburger announced on its official website that the "Zee Pie Burger" will be available from July 23.

Dom Dom Hamburger Jee Pai Burger

The burger features a large piece of deep-fried chicken breast, "ji-pai," which is flavored with hua shi and chili peppers, a staple food at Taiwanese food stalls. The meat is plump and juicy, and the batter is crunchy and addictive.

To maximize the flavor of the gi pai, only mayo sauce is used. The zee pie protruding from the bun measures approximately 16 x 13 cm and weighs approximately 200 grams, and is said to be very satisfying. The size of the zi pai may vary depending on the individual. For those who prefer to eat it as it is, the zee pie is also available by itself as a side menu item.

In principle, it can be ordered at all Dom Dom Hamburger locations nationwide, but it is not sold at the Dom Dom Hamburger Plus Ginza store. The Asakusa Hanayashiki and Ichihara Zonokuni branches will only offer the burger as a side item.

The Zee Pie Burger is priced at 650 yen (tax included, same below) for an individual burger and 1,030 yen for a set, and 550 yen for a Zee Pie by itself. The price is the same for both eat-in and To go.