Easy Saba Can Recipe "Saba Cold Soup", a local Miyazaki delicacy, arranged!
A simple recipe for "Mackerel Cold Soup," an adaptation of Miyazaki Prefecture's local dish "cold soup" using canned mackerel. Using canned mackerel saves time and effort by eliminating the need to grill the fish and remove the bones while breaking the fish apart.
Material ( for one person )
Canned mackerel 1 can (190g)
cucumber 1/2 a stick
firm tofu 100g (3.53oz)
perilla five flat objects (e.g. tickets, pieces of cloth, etc.)
ground sesame 1 tablespoon
cold water 200ml (6.76us fl oz)
miso 2 tablespoons
grated cilantro 1 teaspoon
Mackerel Cold Soup" Easy Mackerel Can Recipe

Canned mackerel is very convenient to have around the house. This time, we would like to introduce a simple recipe for "saba-irojiru" (cold mackerel soup), an adaptation of a local Miyazaki Prefecture dish called "chiri-jiru" (cold soup) using canned mackerel.

Mackerel Cold Soup


1 can (190g (6.7oz)) can simmered mackerel
1/2 cucumber
100 g tofu
5 shiso leaves
1 tablespoon white ground sesame seeds
200ml (6.76us fl oz) cold water
2 tablespoons miso
1 teaspoon grated ginger (tube is OK)


Wash cucumber and cut into round slices. Cut shiso leaves into thin strips.

Mackerel Cold Soup" Easy Mackerel Can Recipe

Put the mackerel meat in a bowl and roughly break it up with chopsticks. Add miso, ground sesame and ginger, mix, and add cold water about 3 times to dissolve miso.

Mackerel Cold Soup" Easy Mackerel Can Recipe

Add cucumber to (2).

Mackerel Cold Soup" Easy Mackerel Can Recipe

Wrap tofu in kitchen paper to drain, tear into bite-size pieces, and add to (3). Finish by topping with shiso leaves.

Mackerel Cold Soup" Easy Mackerel Can Recipe

How does the mackerel cold soup taste?

Full-bodied mackerel, sesame seeds, refreshing tofu, and flavorful miso are the best match. The aroma of shiso leaves and ginger refreshingly overrides the mackerel fat. The crunchy and fresh cucumber adds a pleasant accent to the moist and silky texture. Combined with the coolness of the soup, it can be enjoyed without being heavy despite being full of ingredients. It is also great served over rice!

Mackerel Cold Soup" Easy Mackerel Can Recipe

Using canned mackerel saves you the trouble of grilling the fish and breaking it up while removing the bones. This cool cold soup can be made without using fire and is perfect for hot weather.