McDonald's "Chicken McNuggets 15 Piece with 3 Sauce" 33% OFF

McDonald's will be offering a special 33% discount on 15 pieces of Chicken McNuggets with 3 sauces.

Chicken McNuggets 15 Piece (with 3 sauces) 33% OFF

Limited time offer from July 20 to August 30. The regular price of "Chicken McNuggets 15 pieces (with 3 sauces)" is 590 yen, but it will be sold at a 33% discount price of 390 yen. Price includes tax.

During the campaign, two new limited-time sauces, "Spicy Butter Chicken Curry Sauce" and "Umami Salt Ginger Sauce," will be available, along with the standard "Barbecue Sauce" and "Mustard Sauce," giving customers a choice of three sauces from a total of four.

Spicy Butter Chicken Curry Sauce

McDonald's Spicy Butter Chicken Curry Sauce

The "Spicy Butter Chicken Curry Sauce" is a unique blend of garam masala and aromatic spices with a mellow spice aroma that spreads in the mouth, a moderate spiciness, and a rich buttery flavor. The sauce is finished with tomato paste, grated garlic and butter.

Umami Salt Ginger Sauce

McDonald's Salty Ginger Sauce

Umashio Ginger Sauce is a salt-based sauce that combines the aroma of chopped ginger and sesame oil, the sweetness of onions, and the richness of garlic. The sauce has a subtle aroma of ginger, and the sweetness of onions and the saltiness match each other.