Mai-izumi "Buta Kabaju

Mai-izumi will introduce its annual "Buta Kabaju" as a limited time menu item in honor of Doyo no Ushi (the day of the ox), which will be available nationwide from July 22 to August 4. The price is 800 yen (tax included).

Mai-izumi Pigabi-jyu

The summer days of 2022 are July 23 and August 4. While eel-related dishes will appear on menus around the country, Mai-izumi will offer "Buta Kabaju," a pork-based dish that is rich in vitamin B1, a nutrient that is said to be important to consume during this season when people tend to suffer from summer fatigue.

The pork shoulder loin, selected by Mai-izumi, is well seasoned with a flavorful sauce containing onions, garlic, and other ingredients, and is said to be a dish that makes the rice go faster. The dish is suitable for this time of year when people's appetites tend to wane due to the heat.

Buta Kabaju is sold at directly managed stores nationwide. However, some stores may not sell it, or the sales period may vary, so advance confirmation is recommended. Prices are rounded up to the nearest 8% of the reduced tax rate. Prices may differ at stores that round down their prices.