Gelato Pique Cafe "Polar Bear Crepe," "Polar Bear Soda Float," "Polar Bear Gelato

Under the title of "POLAR BEAR COOLING ~Shirokuma and cool sweets~," seasonal sweets with a polar bear motif will be available at the Gelato Pique Cafe from July 20 to August 31. The lineup includes three items: "Polar Bear Crepe," "Polar Bear Soda Float," and "Polar Bear Gelato.

Polar Bear Crepe

This summer-only crepe features a striking white polar bear made with vanilla bean-scented Royal Bourbon gelato. The crepe is filled with rich sweet mango pulp and refreshing sour passion fruit sauce. The texture of granola and the aroma of caramel are added as accents. Priced at 980 yen including tax (970 yen for To go).

Gelato Pique Cafe "Polar Bear Crepe

Polar Bear Soda Float

This soda evokes the image of a cool blue ocean with a polar bear floating in its adorable expression. The lemonade soda is colored with blue curacao with a hint of orange, and is topped with nata de coco that looks like floating ice. This float offers both a refreshing drink for the hot summer and the gentle sweetness of melted gelato. Priced at 680 yen including tax (670 yen for To go).

Gelato Pique Cafe "Polar Bear Soda Float

Polar Bear Gelato

Royal Bourbon's vanilla bean-scented polar bear gelato. The eyes and nose are made of cereal-filled chocolate with a crunchy texture, while the ears and mouth are made of white chocolate, creating an adorable polar bear. The price is 680 yen including tax (670 yen for To go).

Gelato Pique Cafe "Polar Bear Gelato

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