KUZE FUKUCHOTEN "Summer Fukubukuro - Sea

Summer Fukubukuro - Umi" will go on sale at the official online store of Kuze Fuku Shoten on July 18 at 12:00 pm. Limited quantities.

Summer Fukubukuro - Umi (Sea)

In honor of Marine Day, this grab bag features a collection of Kuze Fuku's marine products. It includes the No. 1 popular gohan accompaniments "Otona no Shake Shake Men Tai" and "Nori Butter", "Gorogoro Hohoshi Yaki Saba" which has many hidden fans, "Butter Gentle Creamy Men Tai" and "Nama Pasta Spaghetti", "Shiroebi Senbei" which is a collaboration between Kusefuku and Toyama's famous white shrimp crackers The "All-Purpose Dashi Flavor" is included in the package.

The freeze-dried miso soup selection is "Mainichi Dashi no Omisoshiru: Domestic Aosa and Bishu Shiro Miso 5 Servings," made with Mainichi Dashi and Kusefuku's white miso. It also includes "Flavorful All-Purpose Dashi 8g (0.28oz) x 5 packets," an essential part of Kusefuku.

Although not a taste of the sea, the lineup also includes "Strawberry Milk Stock," which has been renewed and is rumored to have a great strawberry gurgling sensation.

Adult Shake Shake Shake Mentai 80g (2.82oz)
Seaweed butter 145g (5.11oz)
Gorogorogoshi Yaki Saba (mackerel) 80g (2.82oz)
Creamy Butter Mentaiko 220g (7.76oz)
Fresh pasta spaghetti 120g (4.23oz)
Flavorful All-Purpose Dashi 40g (1.41oz) (8g (0.28oz) x 5 packets)
Mainichi Dashi no Omisoshiru - Miso Soup - Domestic Aoito and Bishu Shiro Miso - 5 servings
Shiroebi senbei (white shrimp crackers) 80g (2.82oz) (10g (0.35oz) x 8 bags)
Strawberry milk base for mixing with milk (290ml (9.81us fl oz))

KUZE FUKUCHOTEN "Summer Fukubukuro - Sea

The 9 items are worth 5,190 yen including tax, but the price is a bargain at 4,320 yen including tax. Shipping is free of charge.

No advance reservations will be accepted.
This grab bag will not be sold at the Rakuten Ichiba store or any of our stores.
A maximum of 5 bags per person may be purchased.